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                      Welcome to RealTime Health

RealTime Health specializes in patient narrative communication, or patient storytelling, an evidence-based practice which is rapidly gaining recognition around the world for its benefits for patients and health professionals alike.

Watching first-hand stories of those who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition complements medical knowledge and improves overall understanding of what it is like to live with and manage that condition on a day to day basis. Patients and their loved ones gain confidence and motivation to proactively self-manage their health.

And health professionals gain new perspectives and insight on how best to support that self-management, as we move toward a healthcare system much more focused on shared decision-making and patient-centered care. Together, patients and physicians who understand and value the importance of patient storytelling have more effective conversations, enhanced working relationships and an increase in positive health outcomes.

Our ‘Speaking from Experience’ patient narrative video library contains hundreds of inspirational patient and caregiver interviews, providing first-hand perspectives and wisdom for living with a broad range of conditions. See for yourself what it means to experience the power of sharing. 

These personal experiences are complemented by The Human Atlas, a library of 3D medical animations.
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